Genre:   Sci-Fi

  • Lone Wolves HD  

    Lone Wolves - (2016) HD

    91 min

    IMDb: 3.1

    After an apocalypse of questionable origin, Private James Conroy is living in an abandoned shack at the base of a radio tower. When Conroy finally contacts Garry Freeman, marooned in a space station, they have to learn to work together if they're going to save themselves, and maybe all of civilization.


    Christopher JacobsAction,  Sci-Fi

    Lone Wolves

  • Empire of the Sharks HD  

    Empire of the Sharks - (2017) HD

    86 min

    IMDb: 3.4

    On a future earth where 98% of the surface is underwater, a warlord who rules with an army of sharks meets his match when he captures the daughter of a mysterious shark caller.


    Mark AtkinsAction,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Empire of the Sharks

  • Abduct SD  

    Abduct - (2016) SD

    110 min

    IMDb: 6.3

    A Texan paranormal radio host attempts to protect a young orphan woman from an onslaught of deadly alien and psychic phenomena, only to discover the world of the paranormal might be far more sinister and cohesive.


    Ilyas KadujiThriller,  Mystery,  Sci-Fi


  • Galaxy of Horrors SD  

    Galaxy of Horrors - (2017) SD

    105 min

    IMDb: 4.7

    Trapped in a damaged cryogenic pod, a man is forced to watch a series of horrific science-fiction tales while his life support systems run out. Featuring eight intense stories of the unknown and other-worldly, equally wonderful and terrifying. Visit the GALAXY OF HORRORS, if you dare! Curated from Rue Morgue & Unstable Ground's Little Terrors Festival.


    Dennis Cabella, Javier ChillonHorror,  Sci-Fi

    Galaxy of Horrors

  • Órbita 9 [Sub: Eng] HD  

    Órbita 9 [Sub: Eng] - (2017) HD

    95 min

    IMDb: 5.4

    A girl discovers that the reality of her life isn't as she belief.


    Hatem KhraicheDrama,  Romance,  Sci-Fi

    Órbita 9 [Sub: Eng]

  • Sharknado 5: Global Swarming HD  

    Sharknado 5: Global Swarming - (2017) HD

    90 min

    IMDb: 5.1

    Fin and his wife April travel around the world, from London to Rio, Tokyo, Rome, Amsterdam and beyond, to save their young son who's trapped inside a sharknado.


    Anthony C. FerranteHorror,  Sci-Fi

    Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

  • Amelia 2.0 SD  

    Amelia 2.0 - (2017) SD

    91 min

    IMDb: N/A

    When the husband of a dying woman is approached by a corporation pioneering a new program to extend life through robotics, they get caught in a public debate over human's relationship with technology.


    Adam OrtonDrama,  Romance,  Sci-Fi

    Amelia 2.0

  • Voltron: Legendary Defender - Season 3 HD  

    Voltron: Legendary Defender - Season 3 - (2017) HD

    23 min

    IMDb: 8.4

    Season 3 gets off to a fantastic start by picking up where the show left off, changing up the team dynamics, and introducing the villainous Prince Lotor (A.J. LoCascio), who should be a hands-down fan-favorite.


    Steve Ahn, Eugene Lee, Chris PalmerAction,  Adventure,  Sci-Fi

    Voltron: Legendary Defender - Season 3

  • People of Earth - Season 2 HD  

    People of Earth - Season 2 - (2017) HD

    30 min

    IMDb: 7.7

    Ozzie tries to get the group back together in the Season 2 opener. Also: A disgraced FBI agent arrives to investigate white-collar crook Jonathan Walsh; a merger takes place on the ship; and Don and Kelly go to visit his 'dying mother' in Iceland.


    Ian Fitzgibbon, Shaka King, Greg DanielsComedy,  Mystery,  Sci-Fi

    People of Earth - Season 2

  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets  CAM  

    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets  - (2017) CAM

    137 min

    IMDb: 6.9

    A dark force threatens Alpha, a vast metropolis and home to species from a thousand planets. Special operatives Valerian and Laureline must race to identify the marauding menace and safeguard not just Alpha, but the future of the universe.


    Luc BessonAction,  Adventure,  Sci-Fi

    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 

  • Phoenix Forgotten HD  

    Phoenix Forgotten - (2017) HD

    87 min

    IMDb: 5.4

    20 years after three teenagers disappeared in the wake of mysterious lights appearing above Phoenix, Arizona, unseen footage from that night has been discovered, chronicling the final hours of their fateful expedition.


    Justin BarberHorror,  Mystery,  Sci-Fi

    Phoenix Forgotten

  • The Last Ship - Season 4 HD  

    The Last Ship - Season 4 - (2017) HD

    45 min

    IMDb: 7.5

    Having lost their only lead, the crew of Nathan James continues their search for an item that could save the world.


    Steven Kane, Hank SteinbergDrama,  Action,  Sci-Fi

    The Last Ship - Season 4

  • What Happened to Monday? HD  

    What Happened to Monday? - (2017) HD

    123 min

    IMDb: 6.9

    In a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation, a set of identical septuplets must avoid being put to a long sleep by the government and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own.


    Tommy WirkolaThriller,  Sci-Fi

    What Happened to Monday?

  • Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars HD  

    Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars - (2017) HD

    88 min

    IMDb: 6.4

    Federation trooper Johnny Rico is ordered to work with a group of new recruits on a satellite station on Mars, where giant bugs have decided to target their next attack.


    Shinji Aramaki, Masaru MatsumotoAction,  Sci-Fi,  Animation

    Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars

  • Colony - Season 1 HD  

    Colony - Season 1 - (2016) HD

    42 min

    IMDb: 7.3

    The premiere of the futuristic drama about an alien-occupied L.A.. First up: Will Sullivan attempts a daring rescue while Katie, his wife, tries to help a relative in need. In other events, a job opportunity threatens to divide the family.


    Ryan Condal, Carlton CuseAction,  Adventure,  Sci-Fi

    Colony - Season 1

  • The Rizen SD  

    The Rizen - (2017) SD

    94 min

    IMDb: 5.5

    The year is 1955. NATO and the Allied Forces have been conducting secret, occult experiments in a bid to win the Arms Race. Now, they have finally succeeded but what the Army has unleashed threatens to tear our world apart. One woman must lead the only survivors past horrors that the military has no way to control - and fight to close what should never have been opened.


    Matt MitchellAction,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    The Rizen

  • I am Frankie - Season 1 SD  

    I am Frankie - Season 1 - (2017) SD

    23 min

    IMDb: 5.3

    Frankie hosts a sleepover for Tammy and Dayton even though it means risking the truth coming out; James secretly tampers with Frankie's battery.


    Siobhan DevineDrama,  Comedy,  Sci-Fi

    I am Frankie - Season 1

  • Glitch - Season 2 HD  

    Glitch - Season 2 - (2017) HD

    60 min

    IMDb: 7.6

    James continues to help the Risen unravel the mystery of how and why they have returned, and a deadly new threat arrives in Yoorana.


    Emma FreemanDrama,  Sci-Fi

    Glitch - Season 2

  • Anti Matter HD  

    Anti Matter - (2016) HD

    100 min

    IMDb: 7.9

    Anti Matter (AKA Worm) is a sci-fi noir take on the Alice in Wonderland tale. Ana, an Oxford PhD student, finds herself unable to build new memories following an experiment to generate and travel through a wormhole. The story follows her increasingly desperate efforts to understand what happened, and to find out who - or what - is behind the rising horror in her life.


    Keir BurrowsMystery,  Sci-Fi

    Anti Matter

  • Outlander - Season 3 HD  

    Outlander - Season 3 - (2017) HD

    64 min

    IMDb: 8.5

    Jamie's past provides his only hope of survival following the Battle of Culloden; a pregnant Claire attempts to adjust to life in 1940s Boston.


    Ronald D. MooreDrama,  Romance,  Sci-Fi

    Outlander - Season 3

  • The Man In The High Castle - Season 2 HD  

    The Man In The High Castle - Season 2 - (2016) HD

    60 min

    IMDb: 8.1

    As Juliana worms closer to the Smiths, she discovers a dangerous secret. Childan and Ed get themselves in a sticky situation as they try to settle the Yakuza debt. On a Resistance mission, Frank uncovers a Japanese plan that could realize his worst nightmare. -- (C) AMAZON


    Frank SpotnitzDrama,  Thriller,  Sci-Fi

    The Man In The High Castle - Season 2

  • Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter SD  

    Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter - (2017) SD

    102 min

    IMDb: 7

    ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER is a Science Fiction film set in the distant future depicting the overthrow of humanity by artificial intelligence on Earth and other worlds.


    Neil JohnsonAction,  Sci-Fi

    Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter

  • Rememory HD  

    Rememory - (2017) HD

    111 min

    IMDb: 7.9

    The widow of a wise professor stumbles upon one of his inventions that's able to record and play a person's memory.


    Mark PalanskyDrama,  Mystery,  Sci-Fi


  • The Expanse - Season 2 HD  

    The Expanse - Season 2 - (2016) HD

    60 min

    IMDb: 8.3

    Season 2 opens with unlikely allies Joe Miller and the crew of the Rocinate led by Jim Holden uncovering more about the conspiracy to release the Proto molecule on Eros station.


    Mark Fergus, Hawk OstbyDrama,  Mystery,  Sci-Fi

    The Expanse - Season 2

  • Agent (2017) HD  

    Agent (2017) - (2017) HD

    80 min

    IMDb: 4.9

    A group of friends go to the desert for a gun instruction course and accidentally unleash a power so great it overwhelms them where they must choose between family and friends versus the fate of the world.


    Derek TingAction,  Thriller,  Sci-Fi

    Agent (2017)

  • Salvation - Season 1 HD  

    Salvation - Season 1 - (2017) HD

    43 min

    IMDb: 8.2

    An MIT grad student discovers an asteroid is set to collide with Earth in just 186 days. He joins forces with a tech billionaire and the U.S. government to try and stop it, and they stumble onto a gigantic conspiracy. Series premiere.


    Juan Carlos Fresnadillo,Drama,  Thriller,  Sci-Fi

    Salvation - Season 1

  • Simple Creature HD  

    Simple Creature - (2016) HD

    92 min

    IMDb: 4.8

    An obliviously modern college student gets into a near-fatal bus accident, but is reborn through hybrid technology by her biotech father and his advanced lab.


    Andrew FinniganThriller,  Sci-Fi

    Simple Creature

  • Orphan Black - Season 5 HD  

    Orphan Black - Season 5 - (2017) HD

    44 min

    IMDb: 8.4

    Desperate to get off the island and reunite with her family, a wounded Sarah journeys into the island's interior, only to discover a mysterious village - the beating heart of the Neolution agenda.


    John FawcettDrama,  Action,  Sci-Fi

    Orphan Black - Season 5

  • Lucid Dream (Loosideu Deurim) SD  

    Lucid Dream (Loosideu Deurim) - (2017) SD

    101 min

    IMDb: 6.2

    Dae-ho, an investigative journalist, seeks to track down the whereabouts of his son who was abducted three years ago. With the help of a detective and a psychiatrist friend, he will retrace his memory of the incident through the use of lucid dreaming techniques.


    Kim Joon-SungThriller,  Sci-Fi

    Lucid Dream (Loosideu Deurim)

  • Stitchers - Season 3 HD  

    Stitchers - Season 3 - (2017) HD

    60 min

    IMDb: 6.9

    The team rushes to save Kirsten while investigating Daniel Stinger. Mitchell Blair reveals his motives.


    Jeff SchechterDrama,  Crime,  Sci-Fi

    Stitchers - Season 3

  • Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3 HD  

    Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3 - (2017) HD

    44 min

    IMDb: 7.1

    Strand faces resistance as he attempts to hold power over his domain.


    Dave Erickson, Robert KirkmanDrama,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3

  • The Creature Below HD  

    The Creature Below - (2016) HD

    83 min

    IMDb: 3.6

    A young scientist discovers a malevolent entity which sets her on a bloody descent into the jaws of insanity.


    Stewart SparkeHorror,  Sci-Fi

    The Creature Below

  • Be Afraid  SD  

    Be Afraid  - (2017) SD

    99 min

    IMDb: 5.1

    Not long after John Chambers and his family arrive at their new home in a small country town of Pennsylvania, John begins to experience sleep paralysis. Lying there paralyzed, trapped within his own nightmare, other-worldly beings visit John. They are entities which exist in the darkest shadows of the night and can only be seen out of the corner of one's eye. These encounters begin to haunt John, transforming to complete terror as he discovers the entities' sole purpose... the abduction of his seven year old son. In the end, John will uncover the town's horrific secret, a portal on his land, and make one last attempt to save his son before the shadow people permanently take him away to their world.


    Drew GabreskiThriller,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Be Afraid 

  • 96 Souls  HD  

    96 Souls  - (2016) HD

    112 min

    IMDb: 5

    A university research scientist, about to lose funding and status, has a lab accident and discovers he can see people's true intentions -- making his situation even worse.


    Stanley JacobsDrama,  Mystery,  Sci-Fi

    96 Souls 

  • The Northlander  HD  

    The Northlander  - (2016) HD

    98 min

    IMDb: 6.1

    In the year 2961, the time is after humanity and nature has recovered the land. A hunter named Cygnus is called to protect his people. He travels across a desert valley to protect his tribe against a band of Heretics. Cygnus must find a way for his tribe to survive.


    Benjamin Ross HaydenAdventure,  Fantasy,  Sci-Fi

    The Northlander 

  • The Circle CAM  

    The Circle - (2017) CAM

    110 min

    IMDb: 5.3

    The film is based on Eggers' 2013 novel of the same name. It concentrates on a young woman landing a dream job at a powerful tech company to uncover a secret. What will happen?


    James PonsoldtDrama,  Thriller,  Sci-Fi

    The Circle

  • Alien: Covenant CAM  

    Alien: Covenant - (2017) CAM

    122 min

    IMDb: 6.9

    The crew of a colony ship, bound for a remote planet, discover an uncharted paradise with a threat beyond their imagination, and must attempt a harrowing escape.


    Ridley ScottThriller,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Alien: Covenant

  • Sleight  CAM  

    Sleight  - (2016) CAM

    89 min

    IMDb: 6

    A young street magician (Jacob Latimore) is left to care for his little sister after their parents passing, and turns to illegal activities to keep a roof over their heads. When he gets in too deep, his sister is kidnapped, and he is forced to use his magic and brilliant mind to save her.


    J.D. DillardDrama,  Action,  Sci-Fi


  • The Dead Files - Season 10 HD  

    The Dead Files - Season 10 - (2017) HD

    60 min

    IMDb: N/A

    Steve and Amy head to suburban Georgia after getting called in by a terrified mom. She is convinced the dead killed her son and are now targeting her daughter.


    Rob RosenHorror,  Sci-Fi,  TV Show

    The Dead Files - Season 10

  • Blood Drive - Season 1 HD  

    Blood Drive - Season 1 - (2017) HD

    60 min

    IMDb: 7.4

    A cop and a homicidal maniac are forced to partner in a bloodthirsty race across America.


    David Straiton, Meera MenonDrama,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Blood Drive - Season 1

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming CAM  

    Spider-Man: Homecoming - (2017) CAM

    133 min

    IMDb: 8.2

    Peter Parker, with the help of his mentor Tony Stark, tries to balance his life as an ordinary high school student in New York City while fighting crime as his superhero alter ego Spider-Man when a new threat emerges.


    Jon WattsAction,  Adventure,  Sci-Fi

    Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Mind Blown HD  

    Mind Blown - (2016) HD

    88 min

    IMDb: 3.6

    Imagine the human ability to quake the Earth, bring forth tornadoes, raise a firestorm - and now imagine it under the control of Colonel Clayton and the US military. Code-named PROJECT MIND BLOWN, a group of telekinetics think they have been brought together in a high-tech facility under the pretenses of doing good for humanity - like bringing storms and rain to drought stricken regions - but when they uncover the suspicion that they've been tricked into destroying American cities, and killing American civilians - one team member goes rouge and takes things into her own hands. Sensing foul play, Jennifer Gaines escapes the base and is on the hunt for a survivor of one of the disasters who she feels may be involved. Using her uncanny powers, Jennifer uncovers that the man is a target of project Mind Blown and is the subject of great concern to Mind Blown's head of Operations, Colonel Clayton. And his name is Adam. Clayton knows that now that Jennifer and Adam have joined forces - the whole operation is in jeopardy. When a string of random disasters begins to destroy major cities, all eyes turn to Clayton. The fingerprint of these growing disasters looks like it's caused by his project. But Clayton dupes his team into believing that the pair is causing them. Clayton immediately mobilizes Mind Blown using his reluctant members to help track down and kill them. Though Adam is barely in touch with his own telekinetic abilities and is completely innocent, he is being hunted down by his own government and five dangerous people that are just like him. - and Jennifer is labeled a TRAITOR. And as Earthquakes, floods, tornados and firestorms ravage cities across America, the pair realize that they must uncover their true potential if they want to stop Clayton, dismantle Project Mind Blown, and uncover the secret behind the growing disasters before it's too late.


    Christian SesmaAction,  Thriller,  Sci-Fi

    Mind Blown

  • Oceans Rising SD  

    Oceans Rising - (2017) SD

    87 min

    IMDb: 2.5

    A scientist builds a boat after his warnings of an Earth-destroying flood are ignored. But when it's evident the disaster will occur, those who maligned the scientist now turn to him in desperation, boarding the ark and seeking his answers before the world drowns in a never ending sea.


    Adam LipsiusAction,  Thriller,  Sci-Fi

    Oceans Rising

  • Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine HD  

    Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine - (2017) HD

    83 min

    IMDb: 2.8

    Rocket ships, Rayguns, and Robots abound in this heart-pounding tale where the stellar adventurer Saber Raine is hired to guide three elite soldiers on a rescue mission to a mysterious planet on the outer rim of the galaxy.


    Mark Steven GroveAdventure,  Sci-Fi

    Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine

  • Killjoys - Season 3 HD  

    Killjoys - Season 3 - (2017) HD

    42 min

    IMDb: 7.2

    Dutch and D'avin, with the help of an obnoxious black market dealer, are on the hunt for a weapon that will draw out the Hullen; Johnny receives an SOS from Clara, leading him into the underground world of Hackmods.


    Stefan Pleszczynski, April MullenAction,  Adventure,  Sci-Fi

    Killjoys - Season 3

  • Zoo - Season 3 HD  

    Zoo - Season 3 - (2017) HD

    42 min

    IMDb: 7

    Ten years after the animals were cured but at the cost of sterilizing the human population, a new threat rises in the form of 'the hybrids,' an army of unstoppable lab-made creatures focused on destroying mankind, on the third-season premiere.


    Steven A. Adelson, Michael KatlemanDrama,  Thriller,  Sci-Fi

    Zoo - Season 3

  • Cleverman - Season 2 HD  

    Cleverman - Season 2 - (2017) HD

    50 min

    IMDb: 6.3

    In the Season 2 premiere, Koen attempts to unite the hairy and human people of the Zone after they've scattered and disappeared in the aftermath of the demolition of their homes.


    Wayne Blair, Leah PurcellDrama,  Fantasy,  Sci-Fi

    Cleverman - Season 2

  • Transformers: The Last Knight  CAM  

    Transformers: The Last Knight  - (2017) CAM

    149 min

    IMDb: 5.3

    Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.


    Michael BayAction,  Adventure,  Sci-Fi

    Transformers: The Last Knight 

  • Moontrap: Target Earth HD  

    Moontrap: Target Earth - (2017) HD

    85 min

    IMDb: 2.8

    A long forgotten ancient spacecraft discovered on Earth. Investigations carried out by Scout transport her to the moon whereupon she meets the impressive machines preserving the wisdom of that long lost civilization.


    Robert DykeAction,  Adventure,  Sci-Fi

    Moontrap: Target Earth

  • The Bad Batch HD  

    The Bad Batch - (2016) HD

    118 min

    IMDb: 6.1

    A dystopian love story in a Texas wasteland and set in a community of cannibals.


    Ana Lily AmirpourRomance,  Sci-Fi

    The Bad Batch