Genre:   Horror

  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters HD  

    Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - (2013) HD

    88 min

    IMDb: 6.1

    Based on the Grimm’s fairy tale, film talks about Hansel and Gretel - 2 siblings are captured by a witch named Lilith after their father left them alone in the wood. The consternation that they have witnessed obsesses them very much. Many years, they become professional witch hunter. However, when “Blood Moon” is coming, the dark part lying inside them are ready to rise up. How do Hansel and Gretel react?


    Tommy WirkolaAction,  Fantasy,  Horror

    Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

  • Cut Shoot Kill SD  

    Cut Shoot Kill - (2017) SD

    98 min

    IMDb: 6.2

    Serena Brooks, an ambitious young actress, signs on as the star of a horror film with a crew of backwoods filmmakers. Suspiciously, as the actors die on screen, they suddenly disappear off the set, never to be seen again.


    Michael WalkerAction,  Thriller,  Horror

    Cut Shoot Kill

  • Among Us SD  

    Among Us - (2017) SD

    90 min

    IMDb: 6.3

    After the mysterious death of their young son, a couple desperately flees to a remote lake house to escape the unrelenting haunting following them only to discover the mysterious entity is still very much a part of their lives.


    Gary KingDrama,  Thriller,  Horror

    Among Us

  • Armed Response HD  

    Armed Response - (2017) HD

    93 min

    IMDb: 6.6

    A team of highly trained operatives find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its AI is suddenly shut down. The crew begins to experience strange and horrific phenomena as they attempt to uncover what killed the previous team.


    John StockwellThriller,  Horror

    Armed Response

  • The Bar (El bar) [Sub: Eng] SD  

    The Bar (El bar) [Sub: Eng] - (2017) SD

    102 min

    IMDb: 6.6

    In bustling downtown Madrid, a loud gunshot and two mysterious deaths trap a motley assortment of common urbanites in a decrepit central bar, while paranoia and suspicion force the terrified regulars to turn on each other.


    Álex de la IglesiaComedy,  Thriller,  Horror

    The Bar (El bar) [Sub: Eng]

  • It Stains the Sands Red HD  

    It Stains the Sands Red - (2016) HD

    92 min

    IMDb: 6.8

    In the throes of a zombie apocalypse, a troubled woman from Las Vegas with a dark past finds herself stranded in the desert with a lone and ravenous zombie on her tail.


    Colin MinihanDrama,  Thriller,  Horror

    It Stains the Sands Red

  • Wish Upon CAM  

    Wish Upon - (2017) CAM

    90 min

    IMDb: 4.7

    A teenage girl discovers a box that carries magic powers and a deadly price for using them.


    John R. LeonettiThriller,  Horror,  Fantasy

    Wish Upon

  • Awaken the Shadowman SD  

    Awaken the Shadowman - (2017) SD

    84 min

    IMDb: 5.1

    After the mysterious disappearance of their mother, estranged brothers reunite and discover an unknown supernatural force.


    J.S. WilsonThriller,  Horror,  Mystery

    Awaken the Shadowman

  • Killing Ground HD  

    Killing Ground - (2016) HD

    88 min

    IMDb: 6.6

    A couples' camping trip turns into a frightening ordeal when they stumble across the scene of a horrific crime.


    Damien PowerThriller,  Horror

    Killing Ground

  • Late Night Double Feature HD  

    Late Night Double Feature - (2016) HD

    89 min

    IMDb: 4.3

    During a late night taping of Dr. Nasty's Cavalcade of Horror, bloody chaos takes place while screening two features (Dinner for Monsters and Slit). Samantha/Nurse Nasty is frustrated with how the show is being run by its womanizing director and its drunk and crazy host, Dr. Nasty.


    Torin Langen, Navin RamaswaranComedy,  Thriller,  Horror

    Late Night Double Feature

  • Camera Obscura HD  

    Camera Obscura - (2017) HD

    95 min

    IMDb: 5.2

    A veteran war photographer with PTSD sees imminent deaths in his developed photos, questioning his already fragile sanity and putting the lives of those he loves in danger.


    Aaron B. KoontzThriller,  Horror

    Camera Obscura

  • The Transfiguration SD  

    The Transfiguration - (2017) SD

    97 min

    IMDb: 6.2

    When troubled teen Milo, who has a fascination with vampire lore, meets the equally alienated Sophie, the two form a bond that begins to blur Milo's fantasy into reality.


    Michael OSheaDrama,  Horror

    The Transfiguration

  • Darkman III: Die Darkman Die SD  

    Darkman III: Die Darkman Die - (1996) SD

    87 min

    IMDb: 4.7

    Darkman, needing money to continue his experiments on synthetic skin, steals a crate of cash from drug lord Peter Rooker, attracting the gangster's attention. Rooker tricks Darkman into an operation, implanting a remote-control device that enables his enemies to control him by inducing unbearable pain.


    Bradford MayAction,  Horror,  Crime

    Darkman III: Die Darkman Die

  • Darkman II: The Return of Durant SD  

    Darkman II: The Return of Durant - (1995) SD

    93 min

    IMDb: 5.1

    Darkman and Durant return and they hate each other as much as ever. While Darkman is perfecting an artificial skin that will restore his old appearance, Durant inexplicably returns to torment him.


    Bradford MayAction,  Horror,  Crime

    Darkman II: The Return of Durant

  • Remains (Steve Niles' Remains) HD  

    Remains (Steve Niles' Remains) - (2011) HD

    88 min

    IMDb: 4.3

    Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, the film follows two survivors (Grant Bowler, Evalena Marie) as they seek refuge inside a vacant casino. Meanwhile, the undead outside become smarter, stronger, and more aggressive with each passing day.


    Colin TheysDrama,  Action,  Horror

    Remains (Steve Niles' Remains)

  • Stranger Things - Season 1 HD  

    Stranger Things - Season 1 - (2016) HD

    60 min

    IMDb: 8.9

    Refusing to believe Will is dead, Joyce tries to connect with her son. The boys give Eleven a makeover. Nancy and Jonathan form an unlikely alliance.


    Matt Duffer, Ross DufferThriller,  Drama,  Horror

    Stranger Things - Season 1

  • Attack of the Killer Donuts HD  

    Attack of the Killer Donuts - (2016) HD

    98 min

    IMDb: 4.1

    A chemical accident turns ordinary donuts into bloodthirsty killers. Now it's up to employees of the most unsanitary donut joint to save their town from the fried fiends.


    Scott WheelerComedy,  Horror

    Attack of the Killer Donuts

  • The Ice Cream Truck HD  

    The Ice Cream Truck - (2017) HD

    96 min

    IMDb: 4.8

    Mary moves back to her suburban hometown, only to find that the suburbs are scarier in more ways than she ever remembered as the Ice Cream Man starts killing some of her neighbors.


    Megan Freels JohnstonComedy,  Horror,  Mystery

    The Ice Cream Truck

  • Empire of the Sharks HD  

    Empire of the Sharks - (2017) HD

    86 min

    IMDb: 3.4

    On a future earth where 98% of the surface is underwater, a warlord who rules with an army of sharks meets his match when he captures the daughter of a mysterious shark caller.


    Mark AtkinsAction,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Empire of the Sharks

  • The Monster Project HD  

    The Monster Project - (2017) HD

    100 min

    IMDb: 5.9

    A recovering drug addict takes a job with a documentary crew who plans to interview three subjects who claim to be real life monsters.


    Victor MathieuAction,  Horror

    The Monster Project

  • Dave Made a Maze HD  

    Dave Made a Maze - (2017) HD

    82 min

    IMDb: 7

    Dave, an artist who has yet to complete anything significant in his career, builds a fort in his living room out of pure frustration, only to wind up trapped by the fantastical pitfalls, booby traps, and critters of his own creation.


    Bill WattersonComedy,  Adventure,  Horror

    Dave Made a Maze

  • Strangers Within SD  

    Strangers Within - (2017) SD

    87 min

    IMDb: 5.8

    Sam and her friends are terrorised during a party by a group of young men on a desperate hunt for something in her house.


    Liam HooperDrama,  Thriller,  Horror

    Strangers Within

  • Annabelle: Creation [Rus audio] CAM  

    Annabelle: Creation [Rus audio] - (2017) CAM

    109 min

    IMDb: 7.2

    Twelve years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker's possessed creation, Annabelle.


    David F. SandbergThriller,  Horror,  Mystery

    Annabelle: Creation [Rus audio]

  • Open Water 3: Cage Dive HD  

    Open Water 3: Cage Dive - (2017) HD

    80 min

    IMDb: 4.5

    Three friends filming an audition tape for an extreme reality show, take part in shark cage diving, only to be left in great white infested waters, turning their recording into life and death.


    Gerald RascionatoDrama,  Thriller,  Horror

    Open Water 3: Cage Dive

  • Kuso HD  

    Kuso - (2017) HD

    105 min

    IMDb: 5.4

    Events unfold after a devastating earthquake in Los Angeles.


    Flying LotusDrama,  Horror


  • The Gracefield Incident SD  

    The Gracefield Incident - (2017) SD

    89 min

    IMDb: 4.9

    In Gracefield, three couples are spending a long weekend in a luxurious cabin when suddenly an uninvited guest in the form of a meteorite, comes crashing the party...


    Mathieu RattheAction,  Horror,  Mystery

    The Gracefield Incident

  • The Strain - Season 4 HD  

    The Strain - Season 4 - (2017) HD

    43 min

    IMDb: 7.4

    In the Season 4 premiere, Night Eternal has set in following the nuclear war and Eph abandons New York for Philadelpha, where he encounters new fighters who rekindle his drive to fight back. Elsewhere: Setrakian tasks Fet and Quinlan to find a new means of stopping the Master.


    J. Miles Dale, Kevin DowlingDrama,  Thriller,  Horror

    The Strain - Season 4

  • Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3 HD  

    Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3 - (2017) HD

    44 min

    IMDb: 7.1

    Strand faces resistance as he attempts to hold power over his domain.


    Dave Erickson, Robert KirkmanDrama,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3

  • Be Afraid  SD  

    Be Afraid  - (2017) SD

    99 min

    IMDb: 5.1

    Not long after John Chambers and his family arrive at their new home in a small country town of Pennsylvania, John begins to experience sleep paralysis. Lying there paralyzed, trapped within his own nightmare, other-worldly beings visit John. They are entities which exist in the darkest shadows of the night and can only be seen out of the corner of one's eye. These encounters begin to haunt John, transforming to complete terror as he discovers the entities' sole purpose... the abduction of his seven year old son. In the end, John will uncover the town's horrific secret, a portal on his land, and make one last attempt to save his son before the shadow people permanently take him away to their world.


    Drew GabreskiThriller,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Be Afraid 

  • The Man in the Shadows HD  

    The Man in the Shadows - (2017) HD

    89 min

    IMDb: 4

    Based on thousands of true stories, a newlywed photographer is stalked by a dark man in a brimmed hat who followers her from her nightmares. Sanity slipping, she meets a mysterious man claiming to know the shocking secrets of the Hat Man.


    Joshua FraimanDrama,  Thriller,  Horror

    The Man in the Shadows

  • Eat Local HD  

    Eat Local - (2017) HD

    93 min

    IMDb: 5.4

    In a quiet countryside farmhouse, Britain's vampires gather for their once-every-fifty-years meeting. Others will be joining them too; Sebastian Crockett, an unwitting Essex boy who thinks he's on a promise with sexy cougar Vanessa; and a detachment of Special Forces vampire killers who have bitten off more than they can chew. This is certainly going to be a night to remember... and for some of them it will be their last.


    Jason FlemyngAction,  Horror

    Eat Local

  • Strip Club Massacre HD  

    Strip Club Massacre - (2017) HD

    100 min

    IMDb: 5.7

    The film follows Megan who finds herself out of a job and catches her boyfriend cheating on her with her roommate. Megan decides to start a new life, however, she soon is forced to take extreme measures against those around her after things go violently awry.


    Bob ClarkThriller,  Horror

    Strip Club Massacre

  • Alien: Covenant CAM  

    Alien: Covenant - (2017) CAM

    122 min

    IMDb: 6.9

    The crew of a colony ship, bound for a remote planet, discover an uncharted paradise with a threat beyond their imagination, and must attempt a harrowing escape.


    Ridley ScottThriller,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Alien: Covenant

  • Raw (Grave) HD  

    Raw (Grave) - (2017) HD

    99 min

    IMDb: 7.5

    When a young vegetarian undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual at vet school, an unbidden taste for meat begins to grow in her.


    Julia DucournauDrama,  Horror

    Raw (Grave)

  • Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter - Season 2 HD  

    Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter - Season 2 - (2017) HD

    22 min

    IMDb: 8.8

    Joe gets a visit from the past, while running his tropical-themed dream bar and must resist the temptation to let his anger out.


    Jon GlaserComedy,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter - Season 2

  • Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl HD  

    Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl - (2016) HD

    76 min

    IMDb: 7.2

    Soon after moving in with her aging aunt Dora, Adele meets Beth, seductive and mysterious, who tests the limits of Adele's moral ground and sends her spiraling down a psychologically unstable and phantasmagoric path.


    A.D. CalvoDrama,  Thriller,  Horror

    Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl

  • Dead Awake HD  

    Dead Awake - (2016) HD

    99 min

    IMDb: 6.5

    Kate Bowman is a by-the-books social worker who is investigating a series of mysterious deaths of people who died in their sleep. When finding a connection to sleep paralysis, she links herself to a mysterious entity, known as the “Night Hag”, that targets those that believe in it.


    Phillip GuzmanThriller,  Horror

    Dead Awake

  • We Go On HD  

    We Go On - (2016) HD

    1h 29min

    IMDb: 6.1

    Miles Grissom is offers $30,000 to the first person who can prove to him that we go on after death.


    Jesse Holland, Andy MittonDrama,  Thriller,  Horror

    We Go On

  • The Lure [Sub: English] HD  

    The Lure [Sub: English] - (2015) HD

    92 min

    IMDb: N/A

    In Warsaw, a pair of mermaid sisters are adopted into a cabaret. While one seeks love with humans the other hungers to dine on the human population of the city.


    Agnieszka SmoczynskaDrama,  Comedy,  Horror

    The Lure [Sub: English]

  • Besetment HD  

    Besetment - (2017) HD

    76 min

    IMDb: 4.7

    After struggling to find employment, Amanda takes a hotel position in a small town where she ends up fighting for her life.


    Brad DouglasThriller,  Horror


  • Dead South HD  

    Dead South - (2016) HD

    108 min

    IMDb: 4.3

    In the wake of the American Civil War two vampires rise and fight to reclaim their land from the inhabitants of a sleepy Southern town.


    Craig Ross Jr.Drama,  Action,  Horror

    Dead South

  • Granny of the Dead HD  

    Granny of the Dead - (2017) HD

    83 min

    IMDb: 6.1

    Regular guy Ed (Marcus Carroll) awakes one morning to find that his Grandmother has become one of the living dead. While trapped in his home Ed tries to survive the day, keep his house zombie free, stay alive and save the day.


    Tudley JamesComedy,  Horror

    Granny of the Dead

  • We Are the Flesh HD  

    We Are the Flesh - (2016) HD

    79 min

    IMDb: 4.8

    After wandering a ruined city for years in search of food and shelter, two siblings find their way into one of the last remaining buildings. Inside, they find a man who will make them a dangerous offer to survive the outside world.


    Emiliano Rocha MinterDrama,  Horror,  Fantasy

    We Are the Flesh

  • Mad Cowgirl HD  

    Mad Cowgirl - (2006) HD

    89 min

    IMDb: 6.2

    A woman, who is dying of a brain disorder, begins a surreal journey which descends into violence.


    Gregory HatanakaDrama,  Horror,  Romance

    Mad Cowgirl

  • Blood Hunters (One Drop) HD  

    Blood Hunters (One Drop) - (2016) HD

    90 min

    IMDb: 6.4

    Follows a single mother who wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she's nine months pregnant.


    Tricia LeeThriller,  Horror

    Blood Hunters (One Drop)

  • Another Evil SD  

    Another Evil - (2016) SD

    90 min

    IMDb: 5.9

    After encountering a ghost in his family's vacation home, Dan a modern artist and his wife Mary hire an 'industrial-grade exorcist' named Os to get rid of the beings. But Dan soon realizes that ridding the home of evil won't be as simple as it seems.


    Carson D. MellComedy,  Horror

    Another Evil

  • Scaler, Dark Spirit HD  

    Scaler, Dark Spirit - (2016) HD

    80 min

    IMDb: 3.4

    Paranormal researcher and author, Jessica Lake is given video footage from a mysterious ghost hunter revealing clues to an ancient and evil spirit.


    Dan T. HallThriller,  Horror

    Scaler, Dark Spirit

  • The Mist - Season 1 HD  

    The Mist - Season 1 - (2017) HD

    47 min

    IMDb: 6.1

    At the church, Connor locks up Mia, Jonah and Kevin in the basement. Back at the mall, Jay confronts Alex to try and convince her he didn't rape her.


    Adam BernsteinDrama,  Horror

    The Mist - Season 1

  • Chiller - Season 1 HD  

    Chiller - Season 1 - (1995) HD

    60 min

    IMDb: 7.3

    Jack Taylor is the homicide detective investigating the murders of five children. Aware that the serial killer is likely to strike for the sixth time, he discovers a connection to an ancient Druidic site, and learns that the consequences of failing to stop the next killing would be far more horrifying and personal than he could ever have imagined.


    Lawrence Gordon Clark, Bob Mahoney, Rob WalkerThriller,  Horror

    Chiller - Season 1

  • Blood Drive - Season 1 HD  

    Blood Drive - Season 1 - (2017) HD

    60 min

    IMDb: 7.4

    A cop and a homicidal maniac are forced to partner in a bloodthirsty race across America.


    David Straiton, Meera MenonDrama,  Horror,  Sci-Fi

    Blood Drive - Season 1