Country: Asia

  • Unlucky Plaza SD  

    Unlucky Plaza - (2016) SD

    122 min

    IMDb: 7.3

    When a chance to save his ailing diner goes belly up, Onassis Hernandez, an émigré and single-father living in affluent Singapore, is pushed over the edge. He then takes several Singaporeans hostage and broadcasts his demands for social change on YouTube.


    Ken KwekComedy

    Unlucky Plaza

  • Cemetery of Splendor HD  

    Cemetery of Splendor - (2015) HD

    122 min

    IMDb: 6.9

    A group of soldiers in a small town on the Mekong River in northern Thailand are struck with a bizarre sleeping illness where spirits appear to the stricken and hallucination becomes indistinguishable from reality.


    Apichatpong WeerasethakulDocumentary

    Cemetery of Splendor

  • Planetary HD  

    Planetary - (2015) HD

    85 min

    IMDb: 6.9

    Planetary mixes stunning imagery with interviews from renowned experts such as NASA astronauts, environmentalists and philosophers to show that all life on the planet is inseparably interconnected.


    Guy Reid, Steve Watts KennedyDrama, Comedy


  • Afterimages SD  

    Afterimages - (2014) SD

    92 min

    IMDb: 5.5

    Afterimages is a collection of five short horror stories that unfold when a group of film students burn paper effigy cameras for the wandering spirits during the ghost month in Singapore.


    Tony KernDrama


  • Mulan 2 HD  

    Mulan 2 - (2004) HD

    79 min

    IMDb: 5.7

    In this sequel, Mulan engages to General Shang. But before they can begin a life of wedded bliss, they must escort the Emperor's three daughters across the country to meet their soon-to-be fiancés.


    Darrell Rooney, Lynne SoutherlandWar, History, Drama

    Mulan 2